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Nordic Folk Art Bird
Nordic Folk Art Bird
  • Packaged pumpkin seed brittle
  • pumpkin seed brittle
  • pumpkin seeds
  • Vanilla bean pods
  • cinnamon sticks
  • cayan pepper
SKU: 00010B

Pumpkin Seed Brittle


Our Pumpkin Seed Brittle is a true treat that combines the crunch of toasted salted pumpkin seeds with the buttery sweetness of a classic brittle. Infused with a hint of cinnamon and a kick of cayenne pepper, this delicious confection is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth with a spicy twist. 


~10 oz. net weight

  • Water, sugar, glucose, butter, pumpkin seeds, Madagascan vanilla bean paste, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, salt.


    Gluten-free and soy free.  May contain traces of nuts.

    Store in a cool dry place and enjoy for 3 weeks.

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