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Nordic Folk Art Bird
Nordic Folk Art Bird
  • Packaged luxury hot cocoa with a cup of hot cocoa and whipped cream
  • Packaged luxury hot cocoa
  • Pouring the hot chocolate into a cup
SKU: 0001HC

Luxury Sipping Chocolate


Enjoy the ultimate decadence with our luxury sipping chocolate. This rich, creamy, and thick French-style hot cocoa mix is the perfect addition to the chilliest day. Simply add milk and cream for a truly luxurious drinking experience. To take it to the next level, garnish with a dollop of whipped cream for an extra touch of indulgence. Treat yourself to the finest confectionary delight with our luxury sipping chocolate.


~13.5 oz/382 grams

  • 70% Dark Belgium chocolate, 60% Dark Belgium chocolate, Dutch-processed 100% cocoa powder, vanilla powder, espresso powder, salt, powdered sugar.

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