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Nordic Folk Art Bird
Nordic Folk Art Bird

Handcrafted Matters

Updated: Apr 5

We live in a world that embraces the fast and now. A world where many things are mass-produced. In order to fill the demand of the earth's population, mass production provides quantities that are easily accessible. However, more and more handcrafted products are being recognized and appreciated once again.

Our Creative Spirit

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have all sensed a feeling of isolation. And within this isolation, a creative spirit has been awakened in many of us who are artistic, creatives, authors, poets, weavers, and inventors. It has also awakened many who have not embarked on a creative project before. When you're alone, you're more easily able to tap into your intuition, unique perspective, or vision, says Shrein Bahrami, a therapist and author of The Loneliness Companion. "We are less concerned about others' viewpoints or potential criticisms that often prohibit or creative license,” she says


"Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right or better. "

John Updike


One of a Kind

A hand-crafted item is one of a kind! These items are not mass-produced. Each item has a unique characteristic true of craftsmanship and authenticity. Because they are hand-crafted they have a higher perceived value.

Webster's Dictionary defines handmade as an item made by hand or by a hand process. It was first used in the early seventeenth century. Other definitions include the aspect of craftsmanship and imply that a handmade item is typically of higher quality than one mass-produced by a machine.

Support Hand-crafted Art

Hand-crafted work shows us the power of the human spirit and our ability to create. When you support artisan-made pieces, you also support the craft skill they practice. By supporting skills like weaving, pottery, bakery, carpentry, tailoring, or glassblowing...we are helping to keep these skills alive and to pass them down to the next generation.

All of us at Dowe Sweet Studio support the art of hand-crafting because a handmade product is a High-Quality Product. The creator understands the value of each piece!

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