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Nordic Folk Art Bird
Nordic Folk Art Bird
  • Oxymoron Coffee with a cup of fresh brewed coffee
SKU: 0001FR

Oxymoron Fresh Roast Coffee


Oxymoron Fresh Roast Coffee! Sourced from a new coffee roaster in the Hudson Valley, this organic and awfully good coffee is now available for purchase on our website. Whether you prefer ground or whole beans, you can enjoy the unique and delightful flavor of Oxymoron Coffee. Each batch is freshly roasted to ensure the highest quality and most delicious cup of coffee possible. Start your day off right with a steaming mug of Oxymoron Coffee.

  • • Organic Honduran Marcala  This roast highlights the nutty and bright complexities that make coffee beans from Honduras stand out. With additional flavor notes of milk chocolate, you get a smooth and sugary-sweet body with an acidic lemon wedge finish. 


    • Columbian •  Our Dark Roasted Columbian Supremo is a coffee lovers' staple. This bold roast is the larger of the Columbian Coffee beans that are available in the market today. Hints of Cherry and Honey make this roast a crowd-pleaser. 


    • Organic Mexican   Our Mexican Single Origin coffee is one of the milder roasts we have on hand. With notes of Cashew, Brown Sugar, and Pear this full-body roast rounds out your day. 


    Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe  •  Medium Roast. •  Our roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe has brought citrus acidity with hints of bright citruses like sweet tangerine and lime.  The acidity level is powerful and bright, while the cup finishes with a dry, lemon tea finish.  

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